Museum of Marrakech and the dome Marrakchi

Marrakech Museum in the center of Marrakech. Located near the Ben Youssef religious school, which was built at the end of the nineteenth century by Mahdi منبهي. The palace was restored carefully by Omar Benjelloun Foundation and converted into a museum in 1997. The house itself is a museum of traditional architecture, which includes both modern and traditional arts along with Moroccan art, historical books, pottery, coins Moroccan.
Access to the Museum of Marrakech is often through alleys twisted that may be released from your Jemaa El Fna square, with the surroundings of Antiques adjacent in place and close to each other in terms of cultural richness and content of civilization, such as Palace Okvai and Dar Bllarg School, son of Joseph on After steps. The dome Marackche the floor dug to link the city's historical depth red pending campaign tourists to the ancient city exploits successive ruling families rule Morocco Vosst the silos and palaces and Almarstanat, and spread into the surrounding geographies military victories and finished buildings bear witness to the greatness of a prosperous past. The date of the Palace Almenbhi, who became today bears the name of the Marrakech Museum, to the nineteenth century, and was built-Mahdi Almenbhi, Defense Minister Prince Sultan Moulay Abdelaziz (1894 - 1908). The Almenbhi may work beginning in 1901 as ambassador of Morocco to Germany and England, before driving in 1903, through repeated attempts, campaigns store (judgment) against rebellious «Bouhmarh», but failing in his mission lost his stature with the Sultan, while leaving Marrakech in the direction of Tangier, which died out in 1941, will turn the palace into a brother-in-law Thami kidneys ownership famous Pasha of Marrakech. After the independence of Morocco, in 1956, the palace will turn to the Moroccan state ownership, which will host the first school for girls in Marrakech.

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