Gates of the city of Fez

Gates of the city of Fez
Fotouh door, Khokha door, door Mahrouq, iron door, door shops, Bab Makina, Dad door soldiers, Bab borjah, Bab Asamarin, Bab Mixer, cyst door, the door Sidi Buggidh, Bab Al Shams, Bab Zayat.
Radiation great for the city of cultural and scientific it was meant for new cities that were built by the Moroccans to be like the city of Fez, and the most prominent cities of Cairo Egyptian which carried down the names of the four-door ancient Fez and its Al-Azhar University also Fez University of villagers.

fotouh door(bab ftouh)

Khokha door(bab khokha)

door Mahrouq (bab mahrouq)

 iron door(bab hdid)

door shops(bab dekkakin)

Bab Makina

 Dad door soldiers(bab abi jonoud)

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