Fez, the capital, scientific and spiritual

Fez, the capital, scientific and spiritual
The lobby of one school Altarichaheugd Fez in Fez is one of the oldest and most prestigious scientific institutions, a mosque which was established by the villagers girl Fatima Muhammad Fahri in 245 H / 859 AD after the founding of the duration of the city (51) years. Has remained the mosque and university science attached to it a center of intellectual activity, cultural and religious nearly a thousand years. After the best Abu Yusuf Ya'qub Marini became the mosque to accommodate (22) thousand worshipers. As it came to him from entering (17) which pope two doors to enter the women, and this mosque is unique in its construction and architecture lit in the first days through to (509) lamp based on the rules may increase the weight of the (700) kilograms. The University of the villagers in the modern era cultural oldest university in the world where he graduated some Western scientists and learning where Gerbert de Ovrene II, who later became Sylvester II. And learn the (Arab-zero) in the arithmetic which is published in Europe.

One of the gates of the city Altarichahkma studied in the mosque of Ibn al-Shaykh villagers also President philosopher Maimonides Jewish Qurtubi, who was one of the greatest physicians of his time and who left Andalusia to the East and was appointed physician to Saladin, and was appointed a teacher in Cairo. In addition, this mosque has been the Fez (785) mosque, all or most of the schools exactly Kmsagd Basra and Kufa, which taught theology and linguistics, history and other sciences. Perhaps one of the largest school Mdarcvas Sultan Abu Annan Marini founded in 756 AH / 1355 AD and was attached to the mosque to pray possess Bmnarh "minaret" unparalleled in beauty and elegance.
Fez and characterized by its own schools built around the Mosque of the villagers and spread throughout the city, especially in the eighth century AH / fourteenth century at the hands of many of the princes, has been tastefully decorated this technical high schools and diverse it is one of the finest decorative formations in the city of Fez. Foremost among these schools, School of Fez, and the school Almusbahih founded by Abu al-Hasan year 743 AH / 1343, and the school founded by Abu Annan is the only school equipped with a platform and a minaret, and many other schools. The Fez is the oldest schools in school Saffarin which is built by Abu Yusuf Marinid year 678 AH / 1280 AD and provided a rich library was transferred later to the University Mosque villagers. The school Attarine smallest school in its time but it was in terms of the architecture of the most beautiful and Ibhaha and was located at the tip of Attarine market and its founder is Mr. Abu Sultan. These schools teach the science primary starting from the Koran and read and write to the principles of account and other then attend after the university and the duration of the study at the University of the villagers take between five and 15 years and the students choose their own free will their teachers each teacher according to its competence in one or more Vijlson in workshops on Professor, which was based on his back to one of the pillars of the mosque.

Both the Sultan and the Sultan Abu al-Hasan Abu Annan interested in the emerging education, teachers, and takes care of the affairs of Muslims, great care has gave all their attention to the teaching of the Holy Quran and modern science and language. He became known as Fez from a group of scholars, including Abu Amr Moussa Ben Amran El Fassi Faqih, the people of Kairouan in his time. And Abu-Abbas Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Uthman famous son of a construction months athlete in his time, Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Yahya ibn son of the famous jeweler Beja and was among those who Nbgua in many sciences including Arabic, medicine, and had emigrated from Andalusia and died in Fez. Some of the scholars who lived and studied in Fez Garyounis Ibn Khaldun and the founder of sociology, and tongue-Din ibn al-Khatib, and Ibn al-Arabi and Ibn al-Hakim Marzouk
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