Municipal tiles Fassi

Ceramic is The Ancient Art in Morocco is believed to be due to the tenth century AD, according to some sources,
the Moroccan veterans affected by the mosaic Byzantine and then Balmorckjon coming from Andalusia has boomed ceramic city of Fez in the Covenant Almareni where admitted use of colors in it as blue, green, yellow and red. Be turned clay or clay dead, do not stir it to Venita beautiful piece that is creativity and art right, due to the privacy tiles attracts the attention of artists, architects and lovers Iirat and originality. Moroccan tiles features artistic and technical characteristics earned him great fame in the Gulf, Europe and America, and complements the secret spread of ceramic tiles in all societies in the fact that manufacturers were able to cope with the changes of the times and at the same time retaining its traditional character, both in its industry or form.In Morocco, I knew the industry's remarkable recovery and this in spite of the high art of ceramic tiles, which up to $ 600 per square meter in certain varieties.
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