Moulay idriss

A mosque, which is located in the heart of the city, which houses the tomb of Idris II, the founder of Fez and is generally known angle Moulay Idriss, with the mosque, villagers, edifice months and the most visited in the city. Organized around a network of alleys, delivered to markets, schools and city gates.

The shrine is part of an urban group comprising:
- Dar Agayton, a housing first, which is inhabited by Moulay Idriss, in the very beginning of the construction of the city.
- Mosque supervision where was the founder of the city leads the prayer.
- Ablution House.
Download the whole of this compound name "campus".
This is specifically mosque and shrine broad and beautiful, was built through the establishment of the city, in which prayers will be held on Friday (mosque). The building has been known many modifications and renovations and expansions, especially during rule Meridinide and Aloutasien Tombs and Alawites.

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