Palace of Bahia

Includes the Bahia Palace several suites and rooms and extensions pools and gardens in addition to Manzah and garden adorned with Tank, known as «Agdal Ba Hammad» After the death of «Ba Hammad» hesitated to minors personalities window saluting stabilized by the year 1906, including civil kidneys brother Pasha Marrakech and built by a building in the second floor, after solving Mokri Palace to the borders of 1912, then known as the palace to create new and became the seat of the resident French public «lyouti» propagated Add Almedfiat and air conditioners total area of ​​the palace about 22 thousand square meters, but it shrunk after the construction of several institutions and facilities in the park major has been separated from the palace, also changed the original entrance no new district Riad olives to the gate near the al-Salam (Mallah).

Were classified palace parameter historic pilgrimage to visitors and foreign tourists to dictate the arts Moroccan architecture, especially engraving on wood, has supervised the construction of the palace Mohamed Al-Makki Almsewe who received arts woodworking Meknes art of engraving on gypsum Fez at the hands of the French officer «Arkmen» President of the French mission before protection, and was the first nucleus of the Bahia Palace at the hands of eyebrow Royal Musa bin Ahmed Bukhari saluting built Riyadh large and arena North of the palace to stop works this part year 1886, and after his death took his son, known as «Ba Hammad» complete the construction of the palace gathered at the outset about 60 houses to form large palace is a wonderful Moroccan architecture in the late nineteenth century ..

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