fez location of the city

location of the city

For Fez feature of interest in Morocco, an abundance of waters where the absorbing layers limestone in the Middle Atlas to be the area of ​​groundwater explode them in the plain called the plain of Sais springs many gather and unite to feed the river Fez or rather rivers Fez In addition, springs that erupt from infections steep river dug by Fez squirted him. And extends in Fez water channels such as arteries to reach every mosque, school and home, where the eyes and explode Speu River and its tributaries. Which made the city's strategic location and was able to survive under the successive sieges throughout history.

The city of Fez in the fertile valley like a contract between the mode and the surrounding hills from all sides. There are forests near the city in which there are oak trees, rice, which is extracted from high-quality wood, surrounded by a lot of land suitable for agriculture, where all types of growing grain, grapes, olives and many types of fruit trees. And many orange groves, figs, pomegranates, olives, in particular color looks Emerald City surrounded by decades of gardens, orchards and mountains crowned by dark green trees, rice, flowers and promises Abbar Sindh. And high elevations appear green is often interspersed with all the colors, while white spots are just sheep, goats and cows that are spread in the pasture.

                                                          fez in 1930 

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