Walls and doors of Marrakech

Walls and doors of Marrakech
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Contains many of the city gates, which are as follows:
Bab al-Dabbagh
Door Thursday
The door of the new
Door Doukkala
Door E_met
The door of the Negev
Door molar
Door Qusayba
Door Aharia
The door of the store
The door of worm gears
Door Tagzot
Door Algrazh
Door Fotouh
Secretary of the door of bin Mohammed Almnfelouti

High walls were built quickly and as long as the business only eight months of the year 1126 Plummer and massage of the Caliph Ali Ben Youssef Almurbati to address the dangers of anti stationed in the fortified walls Tinmel the total length of 9 km and Mibran list in no good.

The wall above the path of the protected Doeriaat Bashravat Tdkr to those we encounter in Cordoba and Seville, and was peppered with twelve gates, did not remain with only eight
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