Merzouga sand treatment

Famous Merzouga sand baths, which deals with rheumatic diseases, and diseases of the vertebrae. It buried the patient to a neck in the sand pit, taking into account the chest area with little cover of sand without the other areas of the body. Head covered with a cloth to ward of heat stroke, and this process will continue therapeutic than 5 minutes up to an hour, according to the body's ability to endure.

Then the patient leaves the sand pit which is soaked with sweat to a hot bath and then given herbal tea Moroccan famous. What causes the relaxation area paragraphs, pulling cold from the body. And this process can be repeated for people living with disease Alrmatesm several times for up to three days. The heat is gradually flowing into the patient's body from the soft sand and hot gradually due to sunlight helps the healing of diseases paragraphs and cramping. Increasing day tourist interest in Merzouga, where the governing from the city of Marrakech tours and therapeutic there where there are hotels with bronchitis housing that caters to tourists.

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