fez Almarstanat


Almarstanat: Fez hospitals varied and numerous, and there are a large number of hospitals outside the gates of the city, but less beautiful than those that were inside. This was the hospital but it is very rich in the days of war when he was Sultan Said most in need of money indicated by the sale of its property and revenues, and remained poor hospitals almost deprived of the means of action. It was near a market Attarine and market henna place home to patients with mental diseases, and was built in the past because its foundation to the reign of sultan of Marin, where he built Abu Yaqub Yusuf ibn Ya'qub this Almarstan what became king year 685 AH / 1286 AD, and the reign of his administration to the most famous doctors Endowments and devoted to him many of the property to exchange it, and the bone is expanded and its Almarstan Enter by the Sultan Abu Annan great increases. In AD 900 AH / 1495 to set up the people of Andalusia Muslims in Fez, took over the presidency of this Bimarstan doctor of the children of so-called Red Faraj Khazraji so-called Bimarstan Faraj, the parties concerned and make the musicians playing in front of patients
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