fez Mosques

Spread Fez many mosques, but the most famous of all is a QARAWIYINE  mosque which was founded in 857 AD, where the area is small, then the demolition and has constructed Ali ibn Yusuf ALMORABITI  and increased in the area increased significantly, and the Bzachrvath makers Ondlcin, has built a minaret Umayyad caliph Abd al-Rahman Nasser onhis own expense. Mosque QARAWIYINE still retains Bmenbrh made ​​of carved wood and restaurant. This has provided mosque Bthreya the luxury compartment for ablutions. It is the most beautiful monuments remaining collector Andalusians, one of the masterpieces timeless where excellence ceiling chapel, an artistic effect Khaled beauty  and mosaic windows glass, which meets in fees colors of various also distinguish Najafth copper Almudallat from the ceiling and the beauty of Takrema was rebuilt in the reign of Mohammed Nasser and built by Chida great.
There are also many mosques such as the Red Mosque, and the Mosque of the pavement and other mosques scattered throughout the city. All of which are not under the splendor of the architecture of [[Mosque

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