Great Beach Destinations

Great Beach Destinations

There are plenty of reasons why it is worth to the Carribbean region. The beaches are not crowded, and opportunities for recreation abound. You are able to surf, browse archaeological sites and indulge in leisure. The long coastline includes several countries, which means you have lots of destinations.

1. Boca Delete Toro, Panama

If you are buying a beach that is not teeming with individuals who fight for each centimeter of sand, this is the right choice. This small archipelago contains six islands and is also progressively sought after destination which is located only 32 kilometer from the border with Costa Rica. Colon Tropical isle is among the most populated island of the archipelago and it is situated in Bocas town. When it comes to pristine beaches, Huraco del Drago Island is a great place that you can associate with oceanic idyll. Palm trees and shrubs lie on the beach and touching translucent marine environments by creating a sense of relaxation. In recent years the development of tourism has risen, but individuals have managed to maintain and preserve the unique identity of characteristics in the area.

2. Puerto Viejo Talamanca, Bahía Rica

You will discover something distinctly Afro-Caribbean in the little town of Puerto Viejo. Just a short distance from the border with Panama, you can stroll along the primary streets, intoxicated by the scent of coconut and explore Creole culture. This kind of city offers opportunities for relaxation in large servings. Puerto Viejo became famous thanks to the famous surfers Salsa Brava, which is not for beginners in this dangerous normal water sports. A mixture of enormous and crashing dunes coral shoals, Salsa Brava is not a vacation spot for folks who are not prepared physically for browsing. You can practice scuba diving or go in the late afternoon or night time on the beach, and spend the evening around the fire while drinking a cocktail with walking cane alcohol.

3. Isla Chicas, Mexico

Isla Mujeres is situated off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsuland the Caribbean coast, just 14 km from Cancun. That is merely eight kilometers long and less than a kilometer wide. The region is relatively remote from the crowds, despite the proximity of the famous resort, which attracts addicts of the hot warm beaches and ancient Mayan culture. The beaches are secluded and are loaded with traditional Mexican spectacular charm. Opportunities offered to tourists, a number of like diving, hiking, historical monuments. When you get sick and tired with watching the seashores, you can walk to the ancient Mayan damages and pay attention to about their culture and history. Back at sunset on the beach, to see how the red circle of direct sunlight touches the seand how to form a spectacular night sky.

4. .Islas de la Bahia, Honduras

Those who like to dive in the oceans of the ocean, know very well that this is the second best dive site in the world after the Great Barrier Reef. The 3 islands - Roatan, Utila, and Guanajare preferred by tourists who do not have much money for vacation or rely on luxury. On the island salvages held the cheapest rates for diving in the Caribbean. Although most people go to the area due to dive, there are many other ways of entertainment. If you like the adventurous vacations you a few to try and live like Robinson Crusoe on a remote soft sand reef.

5. Corn Island destinations, Nicaragua

If the classification of a tropical island isolated place with amazingly clear water where you can easily see a variety of plants and animals, then this definition corresponds completely to the Corn Destinations. Two islands - Big Corn and Little Hammer toe are relatively remote from modern urban life and bustle of the landmass. The small island can be toured on feet within one hour, and the big island you can try a variety of water sports or take a walk on the edge of the jungle, where she satisfies the waters of the ocean
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