fez Tourist attractions

Tourist attractions

One of the gates of a mosque villagers there ax archaeological features indicates its civilization through the ages the Islamic, and most important what is left of these effects the fence and gates of Eight (door burned, door shops, Bab Makina, the door of my father the soldiers, the door of the conquests door Albergh, door Asamarin, the door of mountains , the door of the blastocyst, sir Buggidh door, Bab Khokha, Zayat door, steel door) Boqguasha brilliant and prominent inscriptions and punching above which returns to the era of Almarenan. Some of which may be renewed in the following centuries, but remained retain character.

Within the city walls was characterized by the presence of ten thousand original building, and seventy kilometers of canals flowing from the waters of the valley and the eyes, the four thousand and water fountain. Characterize the city palaces built by Marinids on the hills overlooking the Fes in the north, as well as older homes, consisting of two floors around a narrow yards but Xit Bhacoat ceramic mosaic, and doors decorated with ornate carved plaster, and some houses surrounded by gardens and orchards.

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