Jinan Sbil Gardens

Jinan Sbil  Gardens, which was established in the 18th century by Sultan Moulay Abdellah inside the historic site of the city of Fez, has made it a unique flora and organize unique jewel in the contract Andalusian tradition. This space saturated with history, memory is representing the oldest public park characterized by the spiritual capital of the Kingdom of Morocco.

This garden is all the meanings of aesthetic and historical legacy, which was printed this Moroccan metropolis over many centuries. Extends over an area of ​​8 hectares and includes about 1000 species of implants and are similar in form and facilities Lost Gardens of Andalusia, which is still resilient, beautiful and full of a lot of calm and tranquility, despite what threatened due to lack of water.
There is the garden on seven doors huge bobble iron, embodied inside splendor of natural scenery surrounding the fountains and tables and basins, as well as rectangles and squares of grass, flowers and many kinds of trees dense, it is estimated Interested number about 1000 species, some of which are rare and there is unprecedented except in China and India, as bamboo. Historians wrote a lot of masterpieces and memories from Jinan way, this historic garden is still present in the minds of many of the city's residents and visitors, and still retain its beauty and grandeur, thanks to what is available from the aesthetic views of the natural and historical landmarks.

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